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Simulise gives students insight

Simulise’s eportfolio allows pupils to store and beautifully display all types of materials. In addition, Simulise offers many opportunities to demonstrate and develop competencies and skills.

With interactive assignments and self-assessment, students gain insight into their strengths and areas to develop. They can continue to use their eportfolio for life so they can benefit from it not only in school.


Applications of Simulise

A Simulise portfolio can offer several benefits in secondary education, both for students and teachers. Here are some reasons why using a portfolio can be helpful:


Citizenship in Simulise emphasizes not only the activities, but also the values and impact of contributing to society. It provides a complete picture of the learner.

Formative Evaluation

Simulise is used as a tool for formative assessment, allowing both students and teachers to give and receive continuous feedback to improve learning.

Parent communication

Portfolios can be an effective means of showing student progress to parents. It allows parents to view their children’s work and understand the development of skills and competencies.

Metacognitive Skills

Building an eportfolio requires students to reflect on their learning, make decisions about what work to include and why, and analyze their growth. This encourages metacognitive skills.

Lifelong development

Keeping an eportfolio can help students prepare applications for further education or future jobs because they have tangible evidence of their achievements and skills.


Digital Portfolio

With Simulise, we want to complete the picture of the learner. In addition to the knowledge students gain, skill development is also important. We record that in the portfolio.


All assignments from now on in one place, in Simulise. As a teacher, you can prepare assignments. The form of the assignment, which is variable. For example, in the form of a blog, powerpoint, documents or combined.


Standard rubrics are provided in Simulise. You can use these immediately, modify them as you wish or you can create them yourself.When creating your own rubrics, we also offer professional support.


In the lesson plan, pupils can see what is expected. A lesson plan can be made at the group level, as well as at the individual level. For example, pupils may be allowed to choose which 3 of the 6 assignments they complete.

Privacy covenant / AVG

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We respect the privacy of visitors and users and ensure that the personal information you give us is kept confidential. Personal data is therefore carefully processed and secured by us. Our processing takes place in accordance with the requirements of privacy legislation.
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Simulise uses the processor agreement drafted based on the terms agreed upon in the privacy covenant:

Implementation guidance

When you start working with Simulise’s portfolio, your school faces new possibilities but also different choices.

How do you prepare your team and students for changing education? We can help you with this.

With our implementation support, you get the guidance that’s exactly right for your school.

More on guidance


To quickly synchronize all student data and enable Single-Sign-on, we partner with, among others:


With Somconnect and UWLR, Somtoday offers several options for reading in students. This reading in happens every night for all teachers, classes and students.


With UWLR, Magister offers a working option for reading in students. This reading in happens every night for all teachers, classes and students.

Knowledge Network Entrance

Kennisnet Entree is the Single Sign-on portal for the Dutch educational field. Simulise has a standard link with Entree to enable SSO.