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Executive functions

Developing executive functions in Simulise can have several benefits. Especially in the area of personal and professional growth. Executive functions are cognitive skills that regulate the control and organization of thoughts and actions. They are essential for planning, organizing, prioritizing, sustaining attention and regulating emotions.

Why executive positions

Improving these features helps students make effective plans for their studies and other activities. This is important because it helps them better manage their time and organize their tasks.

Developing executive functions enables students to handle stress more effectively. They learn to regulate emotions, which is beneficial to their well-being and ability to cope with challenges.

Why Simulise

Simulise encourages self-reflection. By developing these features, your students learn to look back on their achievements, recognize strengths and identify weaknesses. This contributes to a greater awareness of their learning.

For students, developing executive functions in Simulise can contribute to improved academic performance. This includes the ability to make study plans, organize information and study effectively.

So integrating executive functions into Simulise is not only beneficial for documentation of performance, but it can also be a powerful tool for personal and professional development. It enables your students to act more consciously and effectively in different circumstances.

These schools are already working with Simulise

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Utrecht stedelijk gymnasium
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