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Pupils grow with a portfolio

Simulise’s digital primary education portfolio allows students to store and beautifully display all types of materials. In addition, Simulise offers many opportunities to demonstrate and develop talents.

With playful assignments and student and parent evaluations, pupils gain insight into their strengths and areas to develop. They can continue using their digital portfolio for life so they can continue using it in their next school.

Some of the applications

Schools use the digital portfolio for a variety of applications.
From skill development to a beautiful talent document.


Building a portfolio can encourage creative expression. Pupils can present their work in a way that reflects their personality and creativity.

Parent involvement

Portfolios provide a tangible way for parents to track their child’s progress. It can be an effective way to actively involve parents in the educational process.


Building a portfolio encourages self-reflection in young learners. They learn to reflect on their own work, strengths and areas for improvement.


Rather than relying solely on standardized tests, a portfolio allows for the inclusion of various examples of a child’s work. This allows teachers to gain a broader understanding of a pupils skills and knowledge.

Personal growth

By adding work to the portfolio during the school year, pupils can track their personal growth and see how they are developing in different subject areas and skills.



With Simulise, we want to complete the picture of the learner. In addition to the knowledge students gain, skill development is also important. We record that in the portfolio.


All assignments from now on in one place, in Simulise. As a teacher, you can prepare assignments. The form of the assignment, which is variable. For example, in the form of a blog, powerpoint, documents or combined.


In the lesson plan, pupils can see what is expected. A lesson plan can be made at the group level, as well as at the individual level. For example, pupils may be allowed to choose which 3 of the 6 assignments they complete.


Standard rubrics are provided in Simulise. You can use these immediately, modify them as you wish or you can create them yourself.When creating your own rubrics, we also offer professional support.

10-14 Schools

Specifically, the 10-14 schools use Simulise frequently to visualize talents of their students. Because Simulise is a portfolio that may be used for life, 10-14 schools choose to set up the portfolio so that students in Secondary Education can work with it immediately.

Continuous portfolio

The beauty of Simulise is that students can take it with them into their future. So it is forever. This has several advantages that benefit the student greatly!

Showcases in Simulise
High School

A student may continue to use the Simulise portfolio when transferring to Continuing Education.

Continuing education

Even if a student subsequently goes to college, the portfolio and thus the understanding of development can continue.

Competenties in Simulise

Even when a student eventually starts working, the portfolio has value. Every employer is interested in the talents and competencies of a future employee.