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Teachers can develop their own assignments in an advanced arranging tool. The assignments can be linked to rubrics, for example, for 21st Century Skills. Assignments are provided with conditions and criteria. Assignments can be part of a predefined lesson plan or learning pathway. For Career Orientation and Guidance (LOB), Simulise already provides many assignments and rubrics along with it.
Teachers track progress through summaries by group or by student. Submitted assignments may also be checked for plagiarism.

Persoonlijke leerroute

Planning yourself in your portfolio

Planning is one of the most important skills that every student will also need later in life. In Simulise, therefore, students choose the route they take to develop their skills.

The school sets up or develops assignments with the student. The school can set conditions for assignments and design a learning pathway so that students must plan for themselves. Such a schedule can also be partially taken over by the school from the student.


Conditions and requirements

Simulise comes with a convenient basic skill set and rubrics that schools can customize as they see fit. Existing attainment targets can be set as learning objectives in the portfolio, assignments within the current curriculum can be linked to the skills in Simulise. With Simulise’s handy arranging tool, you can set up assignments or learning outcomes for specific groups or individual students. This allows each portfolio user to follow their own learning path.

A pupil or student can choose their own learning route, but of course within the framework set by school. Per assignment, therefore, the school can add a variety of conditions.

Conditions determine, for example, when assignments can be started, what the due date is, or exactly what a piece of work must meet. Even the size and also the method of cooperation can be specified in advance.


Checking for plagiarism

The ease with which pieces can be “reused” from the Internet makes it necessary for some pieces to be able to check for plagiarism. To this end, Simulise has fully integrated Turnitin’s plagiarism control system into its portfolio. Turnitin scans almost all types of files, including the blogs in Simulise, for plagiarism and reports the “reused” parts, including source citations, to the instructor.