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Student ownership

Simulise is the online place for students where all papers, videos and other work can be saved for their lifetime. Simulise is owned by the student and can be taken to the next school after the course. Even when a student enters the job market, Simulise remains available free of charge.

Simulise is secure and closed to the outside world until the student decides to make parts public.

The student decides how the portfolio is used and what is stored in it. From Simulise, items can easily be linked to assignments or learning outcomes and presented to the instructor or fellow students for assessment and reflection.

Persoonlijke leerroute

Ownership with the student

A student can decide who can see portfolio or parts of your portfolio. They can invite parents, internship supervisors or others themselves and provide insight into progress.

Choose your own assignments

The teacher can choose which assignments will help the student develop. There are always assignments in the library that they can use to help a student progress.


Students may keep the portfolio when they leave school. This helps students apply to another school or find a job!

Design your own portfolio

The Simulise digital portfolio belongs to the student and we therefore place the ownership entirely with them. Students like it much better when they can create something that is and remains theirs. Therefore, we offer those options in design, content and the fact that the portfolio is permanently the student’s. So that after they finish school they can choose for themselves to share their skills with others for a job or further education.