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The importance of reflection

Reflection within a portfolio is enormously valuable for encouraging personal growth and development. In this regard, Simulise acts as a living file that not only documents the tangible results of work and accomplishments, but also provides a space for self-reflection and evaluation. Here are several reasons why reflection within a portfolio is critical.

Awareness of personal growth

Reflection allows students to consciously observe progress made. By looking back at previous portfolio items, a student can recognize how skills, knowledge and understanding have grown over time. This awareness of personal growth forms the basis for further development.

With reflections, Simulise provides a structured way to identify strengths and weaknesses. By analyzing what went well and what can be improved, targeted work can be done to strengthen competencies and address any challenges.


Better understanding

Reflection invites a deep understanding of learning experiences. It focuses not only on the results, but also on the process that led to those results. Students reflect on the strategies used, obstacles overcome and lessons learned.

By reflecting within Simulise, a student develops critical thinking skills. People are taught to ask questions about their own work, consider alternative approaches and make conscious choices. This ability to think critically is not only relevant during learning, but is invaluable in the workplace and various situations in life.


Connection to learning

Reflection establishes a personal connection to the learning process. It makes learning meaningful and relevant on a personal level. This personal involvement increases intrinsic motivation and enthusiasm for learning.

In short, reflection within Simulise is more than just a contemplative exercise; it is a dynamic tool for personal growth. It captures the growth of competencies, promotes a deep understanding of learning experiences and provides a structured way to work toward continuous improvement. Through regular reflection within Simulise, students are actively involved in their own growth, and this process of self-discovery and development extends far beyond the school walls. It provides the building blocks for a lifelong journey of learning and growing with Simulise.