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Why Simulise stands for customization

We understand better than anyone that every school has different needs. Each implementation process is unique. When you start working with Simulise, you are faced with new possibilities and choices. How do you get started with Simulise within your existing curriculum? How do you prepare your team and students for the changes? And how do you realize your ambitions?

With our educational guidance, you get broad implementation support. Appropriate to you.
Our educational consultants have extensive experience within education. They know the everyday practice of working in schools. Through inspiring trainings and workshops, they guide you step by step.

Is your school already advanced with Simulise, but are there new goals or a need for more depth? Even then, we are ready. Our guidance programs focus on the goals your school wants to achieve.

How do you make sure you get out of Simulise what’s in it? With our implementation process, your school will not only benefit from Simulise now, but will be able to benefit for years to come.

1. Intake and warm up

We are not going to “cold start” training teachers. We first ensure support in the organization. The school’s educational vision must be recognizable to all and the need for skills crystal clear. Together with the school leadership and the working group, we identify the purpose, vision of the school and the urgency to work with the portfolio.
With a kick-off meeting, we make sure everyone understands and subscribes to the common goal.

2. From vision to form

We set up the portfolio according to the school’s vision. We do this together with the school’s key-users. In doing so, the transfer of knowledge is directly secured. Key users can then make their own modifications in Simulise.

3. The teacher trainings

The trainings are developed with a proven educational approach. Everything is aimed at getting as many results as possible. We use real-life case studies. You will work on recognizable assignments and with your own students. There is ample opportunity to evaluate and share experiences with colleagues. We will practice a lot so that working with the portfolio feels natural and can easily be used in existing lessons.

4. Follow-up and evaluation

To ensure that the portfolio is used to its fullest potential, we keep the lines of communication open. In the weeks following the training, we send “boosters” with repetition and inspiration to activate teachers. In mid-term evaluations, we assess what results the portfolio has already produced.

5. Annual return days

Every year we organize a return day together with the school. This can be filled in consultation with, for example, a walk-in clinic, a training or a workshop. This way we keep our finger on the pulse annually even after implementation.
And continue to guide you as you roll out the vision.

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