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The use of Simulise in study career guidance (SLB) offers several advantages for both students and supervisors. Study career counseling focuses on guiding students in making informed choices regarding their studies and future careers.

The essence of SLB

The importance of SLB is becoming increasingly apparent. The job market is changing and this has significant implications for future workers (current students). Occupations are changing content faster than ever, so students cannot simply make one career choice for the rest of their careers. This requires flexibility and independence.

SLB prepares students for that. It teaches them to guide their own future and learn about themselves and their competencies. Who am I? What can I achieve? What is my passion?

Studieloopbaan begeleiding

Personal development

In vocational education, academic guidance is important. It is about two things: learning and your future work. Career counseling helps you with skills for your profession, choices for your education and work, and how to be a good citizen. Students learn more about their qualities, what goals they want to achieve and what they are able to do in their future careers.


Simulise allows your students to look back on their study progress, achievements and personal growth.

Adding reflective elements allows them to think about their strengths, areas for improvement and goals for the future.

You as a supervisors can use Simulise as a basis for conversations about study progress, career planning and personal development. Simulise provides a structured way to give feedback and set goals together.


A visible study progress

You can use Simulise to set learning goals and plan steps to achieve them. This makes the process of study planning and career development more concrete and measurable.

Students can report from their interests, career goals and experiences in internships and work. This helps explore possible career paths and formulate concrete steps to achieve them.


SLB with Simulise

Simulise’s digital portfolio thus allows your students to store and display their materials. This allows them to work online on their career file and keep track of their developments. With assignments, they gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses.

Simulise encourages a lifelong learning attitude. Students can continue to work on their portfolios even after they graduate as a means of keeping track of their ongoing professional development.

Own design

As a school, you decide which SLB pathway students should take. Assignments are provided by default and are fully customizable or add-on.


Standard rubrics are provided for determining SLB development. As a school, you can combine this with all the other skills that are measured so that a good picture of and for the student emerges.

SLB and more

With homemade forms, schools can take stock of where the student stands and how to proceed.