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Competency-based education with Simulise

Competency-based education (COE) focuses on developing competencies students need in their future profession. Rather than emphasizing only knowledge transfer, competency-based education also focuses on the development of skills, attitudes and understandings relevant to practice.


The educational process is tailored to the individual needs and abilities of the student. Students have more control over their learning proces, which can increase their engagement and motivation.

Competency-based education has a strong focus on practice. Students are exposed to authentic situations and problems they might encounter in their future profession. This makes learning immediately applicable and ensures a seamless transition from the educational environment to the job market.

Development of various competencies

Competency-based education focuses not only on academic skills, but also on developing social, communication and practical skills.

This includes so-called 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and communication.

It encourages interdisciplinary approaches. It encourages students to integrate knowledge and skills from different fields and apply them to complex problems.


Portfolio-based assessment

Instead of traditional exams, students can be assessed based on a portfolio in Simulise that contains their accumulated evidence of competencies. This can range from projects and assignments to reflections and evaluations.

Developing competencies does not stop after graduation. Competency-based education promotes lifelong learning, encouraging students to continuously acquire new skills and knowledge throughout their careers.

Therefore, Simulise remains available to the student after graduation.

Competency-based education with Simulise

Simulise offers an unlimited portfolio where students are in control. With the combination of pieces of work and related competencies, Simulise provides an overall picture of the student. Both in terms of acquired competencies and goals to develop competencies.