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Own digital portfolio

In essence, Simulise consists of two parts. The user-friendly, self-paced portfolio and a comprehensive skills development and demonstration module. The formatting and filling of the portfolio? That one is free to set up. Of course, portfolio sections can also be made public, as a showcase.

Do you want nothing more than students who are always continuing to develop? Simulise too! Therefore, the digital portfolio is free to use for students and students for life. So even when a student enters the job market.

It is also secure and closed to the outside world until your student decides to make parts public.

What is the digital portfolio like?

The portfolio consists of 3 sections: ” Profile” where a chosen Show Page can be placed for others to see, “Work” the collection folder of created assignments and personal pieces the student is proud of, and “Show Pages” where bundles of created work or direct page assignments are displayed.

What does the portfolio look like?

A student decides how the portfolio is used and what is stored in it. From the digital portfolio, you can easily link items to assignments or learning outcomes. Then it can also be offered for review or reflection to teachers or peers.

Furthermore, your student can also write blogs in the portfolio, organize their own pages and decide whether they are available to others. As a teacher, you can immediately see which items are newly posted and which belong to specific assignments or learning outcomes.