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Understanding 21st century skills!

The Simulise portfolio provides every opportunity to measure 21st century skills and make them visible to students. Each student can see their own development in the digital portfolio in user-friendly competency charts.

As a school, in addition to the rubrics provided for 21st century or broad skills, you can add your own rubrics for any other desired skill.
For Career Orientation & Guidance (LOB), assignments, rubrics and competency charts are included as standard.

21st century skills
21st century skills
21st Century Skills standard

Rubrics for the 21st century skills are included by default in Simulise. This means that all rubrics that have been developed are in Simulise and can be used as an end term or within assignments.

Own skills and rubrics

In addition to the 21st Century Skills rubrics, you can use your own skills in Simulise. For each skill, criteria (rubrics) can be placed with levels at which they are demonstrated.

Badges in Simulise
Badges and competency charts

Simulise assumes badges in determining skill levels. You can get badges when demonstrating a skill. Skills are demonstrated in competency diagrams. These can also be set up by the school itself.

Why Simulise

The Simulise portfolio supports students in developing skills and provides the teacher with insight into how the student is developing. Students can track their own progress in a fun and easy way as well as provide feedback on each other’s work. Students choose which skills they want to practice extra. By default, the 21st century skills with associated rubrics are included in Simulise.

Teachers have a complete overview of student progress with the comprehensive statistics. The 21st century skills are thus naturally incorporated into the curriculum and support the existing curriculum.

21st century skills