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Developing skills in the portfolio

Every student is different and forms his or her own learning pathway. Skills are central to this. Indeed, it maps out a development in a very concrete way. Each learning objective is linked to various skills. Developing them makes progress tangible. It gives students an understanding of their strengths – and areas yet to be developed – which introduces them to their own learning in a unique way. Meet Simulise’s digital portfolio, challenge students to achieve their full potential.

Why skills?

For many students, there is a lack of clarity about choosing the next course of study. They hardly have a map of where their qualities and interests lie.

An appropriate way to understand where competencies lie is to develop skills. It easily indicates where your students’ strengths lie and shows the progression over a longer time frame.

Especially in career orientation, skills can be a relevant means of making the learning pathway concrete. The skills provide a capstone in a student’s personal development.

The art of skill development

Skills development is done with a competency profile. It provides information about the student’s qualities and talents and outlines the learning pathway. Competencies are divided into skills. If the student meets the various skills, then various competencies can be achieved. It is a way to monitor students’ progress, where development can be easily charted. The learner decides which route to take to develop. Personalized learning is the key to effective progression.

Developing with Simulise

Simulise’s digital portfolio allows students to develop and view their skills. As a school, you can set per learning route what an assignment must meet and what skills will be developed in the process. When a task is completed, you can immediately see the progress of the skill. It is an interactive way to overview and shape your students’ development.

It is an incentive to work effectively and invest in one’s future. Developing skills will give your students a better understanding of who they are and what they can do with this in the future.