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Talent development in education

Individual student talent development is an important subject in education.

As a school, how do we ensure a balance between talent development and teaching the day-to-day curriculum?

What is talent development?

Talent development is about how you, as a school, deal with the talent of individual students. How do you provide the space for them to further develop those talents? Because in fact, the awareness of talents is a must for students, for finding a suitable job or further study. Engage in content with Simulise’s digital portfolio and closely track the talent development of all your students.

How do you encourage talent development?

If you like to get serious about talent development as an educational institution, you know that this topic is a longer-term process. Rome was not built in a day. The same, of course, applies to the best soccer players, artists, website builders and lawyers.

So allowing a pupil/student to develop their talent takes years. For that reason, many of our member schools are already beginning talent development in elementary school. Do you want to get started with a student’s talent development? Then start by answering the following questions together:

– Where do their talents lie?
– What does your pupil enjoy most at school or in leisure time?
– What does your pupil want to be when they grow up?
– In which subject do they excel?
– What do they enjoy doing less and what are they less good at?

Monitoring this as a school regularly during school hours creates a personal profile of each student. Both parents, teachers and the students themselves then gain a good understanding of personal talent development.

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Simulise as a knowledge center

We offer schools the opportunity to track the talent development of individual students.

We do this through the use of, and access to a digital portfolio. Every student is different, which is why Simulise offers many possibilities to provide individual assignments.

With Simulise’s handy arranging tool, you can set up assignments or learning outcomes for specific groups or individual students. This allows each user of the digital portfolio to follow their own learning route.

With this digital portfolio, we enable individual development.

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