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Badges & Microcredentials

In an era when traditional educational models are constantly being challenged and renewed, badges and microcredentials offer a fresh and flexible approach to learning and teaching.

These digital proofs of skills and achievements are not only an innovative way for students to demonstrate their competencies, but also a tool for teachers to make education more personalized and relevant.

What are they?

Badges in Simulise are digital symbols that show that a student has acquired a particular skill or competency. These can be shared online and provide visual evidence of accomplishments relevant to employers, educational institutions and peers.

Microcredentials are short, targeted qualifications that demonstrate specific skills or competencies. They often focus on job-specific skills and can be stacked to form a more comprehensive understanding or qualification. Like badges, microcredentials are a means of validating and sharing learning with a wider audience.

Badges en microcredentials

How do badges work?

Implementing badges and microcredentials in the educational process offers numerous benefits to both students and teachers. Here is an overview of how these systems work in practice.

For Students

Visualization of achievements: Students can visually map their learning trajectory and skills achieved.
Flexibility: Microcredentials offer the opportunity to learn at one’s own pace and according to personal areas of interest.
Recognition of informal learning: Skills acquired outside traditional education can also be recognized and certified.
Labor Market: Badges and credentials increase the visibility of specific skills to potential employers.

For Teachers

Personalization: Teachers can tailor learning more to the individual student, leading to increased engagement and motivation.
Feedback: Badges provide a means for immediate feedback, encouraging students to continue learning and improving themselves.
Innovation in teaching: The use of digital tools for badges and microcredentials encourages teachers to explore innovative teaching methods.

Badges in simulise

Badges in Simulise

Badges and microcredentials represent quite a shift in how we think about learning, performance and certification. For teachers, they provide a tool to personalize and adapt instruction to the needs of the modern student.

In Simulise, badges are the default assessment tools. They come in infinite varieties and levels. Combined with the comprehensive rubrics, you can develop a flexible assessment tool in Simulise.
By embracing badges, educators can not only enrich their students’ learning experience but also contribute to lifelong learning and development.