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Plagiarism control in Simulise

Simulise offers the option of having submitted files and blogs checked for plagiarism by Turnitin.

Simulise offers a plugin for Turnitin that instantly checks all pieces submitted to an assignment for plagiarism. Without further action by a teacher.

Once the papers are submitted, they are automatically sent to Turnitin and checked for plagiarism. A notification about the presence or absence of plagiarism appears in Simulise. This is therefore ready for the teacher at the time of assignment review.

A direct link to Turnitin provides instant visibility of where plagiarism occurs in the pieces.

To Turnitin

Plagiarism control from Turnitin can be taken directly from Turnitin with which integration with Simulise can be achieved.
(licenses purchased through Magister or Somtoday may not be used by Turnitin for other applications)