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For any school seeking to improve competency development within the learning process. From Formative Evaluation to Programmatic Testing. From evidence capture to evaluating developments. The Simulise eportfolio is the place to be!

Interactive assignments and self-assessments give pupils and students insight. What are their strengths and areas to develop? Simulise helps them do just that. The portfolio also offers lifetime use. Because developing doesn’t stop at graduation.

Why Simulise?

Simulise offers not only an eportfolio, which is user-friendly and self-designed, but also a comprehensive module. For developing and demonstrating competencies.

The formatting and filling of the portfolio? That one is free to set up. Of course, portfolio sections can also be made public, as a showcase.

Do you want nothing more than students who are always developing? Simulise too! The digital portfolio is free for use by students and students for life after school. Useful for further education or applying for that dream job.

– Permanent property of the student;
– Provides insight into development of competencies;
– 360 degrees, peer review and feedforward;
– Develop own assignments and rubrics;
– Extended lesson plans possible.

The functionalities of Simulise


With Simulise, we want to complete the picture of the student. In addition to the knowledge students gain, skill development is also important. We record that in the portfolio.


Standard rubrics are provided in Simulise. You can use these immediately, modify them as you wish or you can create them yourself.When creating your own rubrics, we also offer professional support.


All assignments from now on in one place, in Simulise. As a teacher, you can prepare assignments. The form of the assignment, which is variable. For example, in the form of a blog, powerpoint, documents or combined.


As a school, of course, you decide which competencies are important. What is good and how can we take it to the next level? Everything forms into a clear competency diagram.

Badges in Simulise

Simulise does not give grades but does work with Badges. Badges can be awarded by the school in any form for assignments and submitted work.

Plusdocument in Simulise
Plus document

Simulise’s portfolio offers many options for creating and printing a Plus document on a school-specific layout.


In addition to the work in the portfolio, students can also present themselves externally. Unlimited showcases can be created and shared with externals.

These schools are already working with Simulise

Vrije universiteit
Mediacollege Amsterdam
Jac P Thijsse College
Koningin Wilhelmina College
Durendael College
Hotelschool Maastricht
Zone College
Utrecht stedelijk gymnasium
Vista college
VIVES Hogeschool
Veluwse onderwijgroep
Summa college
De Rooi Pannen