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Career orientation in Simulise

Simulise lets pupils develop and demonstrate skills. Career orientation skills are a part of that. Combining LOB skills with broad skills, for example, creates a complete picture of the pupil.

By default, Simulise provides rubrics for the five Career Skills developed by Dr. Marinka Kuijpers. We bring together all LOB skills in a clear competency diagram.

Simulise contains a complete LOB method. More than 30 assignments are included by default and can be used as is or customized to your liking.

Own design

As a school, you decide which LOB pathway pupils should take. A generous amount of commands are included by default and are fully customizable or add-on.


Standard rubrics are provided for determining LOB skill development. As a school, you can combine this with all the other skills that are being measured. This will emerge into a good picture of and for the pupil.

LOB and more

LOB was added to Simulise because Simulise already provides a picture of students’ various skills. Pupils found it inconvenient that these LOB skills had to be tracked again in another system.

What is career orientation?

By career orientation we mean the guidance and activities that support young people during their schooling (think vmbo, havo, vwo, mbo) in making career choices. These include choices in profiles, further education and their careers. The goal is for pupils to discover what they are competent in and how they can turn this into an education or profession. They learn to discover their interests and develop in their own future and thus career.


The essence of career orientation and guidance

The importance of LOB is becoming increasingly apparent. The job market is changing and this has significant implications for future workers (current pupils). Occupations and their content are changing faster than ever. That means pupils cannot simply make one career choice for the rest of their careers. This requires flexibility and independence.

Career orientation and guidance prepares pupils for that. It teaches them to take direction for their future and learn about themselves and their competencies. Who am I? What can I achieve? What is my passion? These are questions that young people discover about themselves during LOB and give them a nudge in the right direction.


LOB teaches: who am I really?

When pupils have to make important study choices, they are often still at a young age. That means they often do not know what they like or what direction they want to go to yet. As a result, it is hardly possible to choose a suitable further education.

To properly prepare pupils for the job market, LOB offers the perfect solution. It gives them more insight into their qualities and interests, giving them a better chance of a successful career.

Through various career orientation assignments, they discover characteristics of themselves and find a course of study that matches their interests. That is how they learn to manage their own careers.

Design your own pathway with LOB assignments

How do you work with LOB in Simulise? This is very simple. You give your students one of the LOB assignments from Simulise!

You can choose from 30 comprehensive assignments. Think of assignments such as: interviewing someone about a profession you like, talking to someone about your qualities and development points, making a timeline of your work experience, mapping your network. Many assignments are available, but you can also design them yourself in Simulise.

By doing various assignments, students build up a portfolio step by step, giving the student an increasingly better idea of what his or her qualities are, what they like to do and what subjects or professions suit them. This will enable them to make a well-founded choice from the many options available to them once they have obtained their diploma.

Lob met Simulise

LOB for Vocational education

In the new Vocational education exam programs, LOB has become a mandatory component.

In a LOB-file, they have to describe the steps they took to reach their competencies. No grade is taken here, but the section must be completed.

Simulise offers several options for LOB assignments. From Pre-vocational secondary education to Vocational education: choose the LOB-assignments and put together an optimal course for your pupils/students.