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Parental involvement in Simulise

Using a portfolio in education can significantly increase parental involvement. Here are some ways the portfolio can serve as an effective tool to get parents more involved in their children’s education:

Transparent learning achievements

Simulise gives parents instant insight into their children’s actual learning achievements. Documenting specific projects, assignments and skills development over time provides a transparent picture of what is being covered in the classroom and how their children are performing.


Shared responsibility

Parents feel more involved and responsible for their child’s learning when they are actively involved in their child’s progress.

By having access to the portfolio, parents can collaborate with teachers and play a supportive role in promoting learning at home.


Visibility of personal growth

A portfolio offers parents a detailed view of their children’s personal growth. It goes beyond grades and reports, allowing parents to observe skill development, creativity and self-reflection throughout the school year.


Understanding of Learning Objectives and Curriculum

The portfolio acts as a communication tool that helps parents better understand their children’s learning goals and curriculum aspects. This provides a deeper understanding of what is happening in the classroom and promotes a more informed partnership between parents and teachers.

Sharing the portfolio allows parents to gain insight into any learning needs of their children. This facilitates a closer collaboration between parents and teachers. That provides targeted support to the child’s individual learning needs.

Opportunity for feedback

The portfolio provides a platform for parents to give targeted feedback on their children’s work. This type of communication can promote positive reinforcement and engage parents in evaluating their child’s strengths and developmental areas.

Seeing the portfolio encourages valuable conversations between parents and children about what has been learned in class. This promotes open communication and allows parents to be more involved in their child’s daily life and experiences at school.


Feast of achievements

Parents can use the portfolio to celebrate their children’s achievements.

It highlights successes and positive moments, which encourages parents and children to appreciate and celebrate learning together.


Parental involvement in Simulise

Parents can follow along with their children in Simulise.
The growth of competencies and skills are visualized in diagrams.
The portfolio can be shared and requests for feedback are sent by Simulise. Parents can also co-reflect on assignments. Moreover, parents can see the progress of assignments.