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Bilingual education in Simulise

Every bilingual school in the Netherlands is required to monitor the development of pupils in the field of language and internationalization by means of a portfolio.

Simulise provides a portfolio for students in which all these pieces of evidence required for bilingual education can be conveniently stored.

The portfolio provides all the rubrics and competencies for bilingual education and shows your pupils progress in clear diagrams.

Own rubrics

In addition to bilingual education rubrics, you can define your own skills or competencies and use them in Simulise. For each skill, criteria can be placed with associated levels at which they are demonstrated.

Skill development

Simulise assumes levels rather than grades when determining skill levels. Skills are demonstrated in competency diagrams. The school can set this up itself or use the one provided by Simulise.

Lasts a lifetime

Simulise’s digital portfolio can also be used by pupils after school. It offers everything you need to preserve any file, video or image material for life and use it to present yourself in the best possible way.

Your bilingual portfolio

The Simulise portfolio supports schools in designing their own interpretation of bilingual education. Pupils complete the portfolio themselves. This saves a lot of work and leaves the responsibility with your pupil. As a school, all you have to do is check what has been completed.

With our portfolio your school has arranged the burden of collecting proof and an insight into the development of skills for citizenship and internationalization.