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Triangulation with Simulise

A three-way conversation in education involving the student, parent(s) and teacher has several benefits and objectives. Preparing a three-way discussion with a portfolio can provide a structured and informative exchange between the student, parents and teacher.

Parent involvement

Triangular conversations promote parents’ involvement in their children’s educational process. Parents have the opportunity to interact directly with teachers and exchange information about their child’s academic performance, behavior and overall development.

Involving parents in triangular discussions emphasizes the importance of shared responsibility. Education is not only the responsibility of the school, but also of the parents. Collaboration between parents and teachers can lead to a more supportive learning environment.


Learner development

Triangle meetings provide an opportunity to discuss the student’s personal development, both in schoolwork and social-emotional areas. It allows the teacher to share successes as well as concerns, and work with parents to look at ways to further support the student.

It provides an opportunity to discuss whether the student’s individual learning needs are being met and whether adjustments are needed. This can lead to better alignment between educational practice at school and support at home.


Preparing with Simulise

Properly preparing a three-way conversation with Simulise can provide a structured and informative exchange between the student, parents and teacher.

With predefined page templates, you help the student prepare for the interview in the best possible way. This can help them become aware of their own accomplishments and goals and prepare them to share their experiences during the interview.

Through reflections in Simulise, a picture of the development and points to be discussed emerges. This can include learning moments, growth in skills and how certain activities have contributed to overall development.