Simulise is not a SIS

25-09-2023 | Joris

We often get this question when people want to place us, “Are you guys like Somtoday?” And we really have to respond in denial to that.

We are almost the opposite of Somtoday. We only record what students do in Simulise. No grades (for now) and no rosters. Simulise captures what students do! Not necessarily the result, but the process of arriving at a result. With an emphasis on student competencies. Kind of similar to math tests as I remember them. Not only does the final answer matter, the process or calculation that makes the answer possible is also evaluated.

And so it is with Simulise.

Somtoday is a great platform for recording grades, schedules or student characteristics, among other things. It is often the central point in school for student data. Somtoday offers parents insight into their children’s progress and schedule. Somtoday also provides a type of ELE in which files can be posted and shared. Making assignments in Somtoday can be limited. Neither does communicating with each other “instantaneously. And gamification elements are also sorely lacking.

Simulise focuses on the more soft side of learning. We want to show what qualities and competencies students have besides getting good grades on tests. Can they work together, are they creative, do they know how to use ICT to achieve results? These types of skills are also known as 21st Century Skills. These make Simulise measurable.

By providing students with their own portfolio in which they post the completion of assignments. And by making elaborations easily shareable with fellow students. By adding game elements when collaborating with others. And by rewarding with badges instead of grades. But especially by allowing teachers to follow the process. And to judge.

So the difference with Somtoday is significant. We offer insight into the other side of learning with Simulise. And you need both to best educate a student.