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Anything goes with the digital portfolio

For elementary school students, Simulise is where they keep what they are proud of. And nicely made up to show this to their parents and friends. But Simulise also shows what talents the student has and how others feel about it.
In short, everything a student is proud of.

Cultural education

Cultural and Arts Education (CKV) is given an extra dimension by Simulise’s digital portfolio.

Students can easily include all art forms (i.e. image, video, sound, etc.) in the portfolio and share their work with others, inside and outside the school.

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Parent involvement

Portfolios provide a tangible way for parents to track their child’s progress. It can be an effective way to actively involve parents in the educational process.

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Providing feedback to students is an essential part of the educational process and offers several benefits to both students and teachers.
Through rubrics, audio and written feedback, Simulise always offers a format to match.

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Feedback in Simulise

Personal growth

Personal growth is an important aspect of student development. It is important to integrate these aspects into daily teaching and school climate. Teachers, parents and caregivers all play a crucial role in supporting students’ personal growth.

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Formatief evalueren in Simulise


Reflection within a portfolio is invaluable in fostering personal growth and development. In this regard, Simulise acts as a living file that not only documents the tangible results of work and performance, but also provides a space for in-depth evaluation.

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