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Cultural and artistic education

CKV is the abbreviation for Cultural and Arts Education. In short, in this subject, pupils learn more about the arts and culture, learning to look at society in a different way. CKV is a required subject in Secondary education and must be completed before the exams. The goal here is to keep an art file, which focuses on the development in relation to culture. With Simulise, your pupils can easily maintain this art record in a secure environment.

The essence of CKV

In CKV, pupils are introduced to the world of art and culture: a world that moves and never stands still. For personal development, the profession is more important than perhaps thought. After all, it makes for a broader view. CKV teaches pupils to look at their environment in a different way. By coming out of their own bubble and being open to other cultures, they learn to look at the world in a broader perspective and discover that there is more than their own way of thinking. An essential subject that teaches them to form opinions and better deal with diversity in society.

Keeping up with development in CKV

Like any other profession, it is important to keep track of progress. To inspire pupils, this process should be designed in an engaging way. A stuffy portfolio is out of date and hardly challenges your pupils.

With Simulise, they can easily track their development in an online record. They are in control of this file and will guide their own way. It challenges them to bring out the best in themselves and inspire them in a unique way: namely, by choosing skills themselves in which they want to develop.

Linking a concrete goal to CKV makes development tangible and students get more satisfaction out of it.


CKV with Simulise

At Simulise, the personal development of pupils is the focus. Every pupil is different. We therefore believe it is important for everyone to be able to follow their own learning route. It supports unique talent development, where the pupils skills really matter.

The portfolio is the property of the student and thus remains accessible after school. In the art file of CKV, students can create assignments and be inspired by their own development.