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Anything goes with the digital portfolio

We are not a method, but a tool. Education consists of more than simply imparting theory. That’s why Simulise allows you to target your methods. From LOB to skill development and from Bilingual education to the plus document. How that forms?

Career Orientation

Simulise lets students develop and demonstrate skills. Also, the skills needed for proper career orientation. Combining LOB skills with broad skills, for example, creates a complete picture of the student. Supplied Rubrics, including Dr. Marinka Kuijpers’ five Career Skills, are used. The skills that emerge from this are compiled into a clear competency diagram of all LOB skills.

In addition to the rubrics, Simulise contains +30 LOB-focused assignments. You can customize these to suit your lesson needs.

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Formative evaluation

How completely do you apply feedback in class? With Simulise, learners first reflect on themselves. Then that is compared to a reflection of the teacher and optionally that of others. Such as fellow students, internship supervisors or parents. With the various feedback, feed-forward and 360-degree feedback options, the picture for the learner is complete.

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Formatief evalueren in Simulise


Including citizenship in a portfolio is an excellent way to demonstrate commitment to social issues.
Students can reflect on how involvement in citizenship has contributed to personal growth and development.

Citizenship in Simulise emphasizes not only the activities, but also the values and impact of contributing to society. It provides a holistic view of the learner and will be relevant for educational, professional or personal purposes.

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Parent involvement

Simulise gives parents instant insight into their children’s actual learning achievements. Documenting specific projects, assignments and skills developed over time provides a transparent picture of what is being covered in the classroom and how their children are performing.

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Competency-based education

Do your students already know what they want to be later? Many young people do not know that.

Simulise supports competency-based education. You reflect on competencies through rubrics.
Results come in a clear diagram. Putting competency-based education into practice with a digital portfolio provides new insights. What are my qualities, skills and talents? This is how a student really learns what the possibilities are.

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Bilingual education

Every TTO school in the Netherlands is required to secure the development of students in the areas of language and internationalization by means of a portfolio.

Simulise provides a portfolio for students in which all these pieces of evidence required for bilingual education can be conveniently stored. The portfolio provides all the rubrics and competencies for bilingual education and shows student progress in clear diagrams.

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Learning Objectives

Learning objectives play a crucial role in embedding meaning and direction in the portfolio. They not only help structure the content, but also enable students to tell a coherent story about their learning and accomplishments.

Simulise provides a structured collection of documents, evidence and reflections that reflect a student’s development and performance over a period of time.

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Developing skills

It can be difficult to monitor all of your students’ unique learning paths let alone respond to them. Yet it is of great importance to provide every student with an appropriate education. Skill development is central to this.

Simulise comes with a basic set of skills and rubrics that schools can customize as they see fit. This allows each student to follow their own learning route.

For each route, you can set several extended conditions that, for example, a piece of work must meet. Simulise closely monitors a student’s progress in this process.

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Cultural and artistic education

Cultural and Arts Education (CKV) is given an extra dimension by Simulise’s digital portfolio. Students can easily include all art forms in the portfolio and share their work with others, inside and outside the school.

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Talent Development

Every student has talents. But how do you handle, develop and capture them?

You can track the talent development of individual students with us. Through the use of and access to a digital portfolio. With Simulise’s handy arranging tool, you can set up assignments or learning outcomes for specific groups or individual students. This allows each user of the digital portfolio to follow their own learning path.

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The basis for the Plus document

Many schools have a strong interest in making the broader development of their students visible. This is then done through a plus document. Simulise’s portfolio is basically one big plus document. Students may use it throughout their lives.

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Executive functions

Building a portfolio requires students to reflect on their learning, make decisions about what work to include and why, and analyze their growth. This stimulates executive functions.

Executive functions are cognitive skills that regulate the control and organization of thoughts and actions. They are essential for planning, organizing, prioritizing, sustaining attention and regulating emotions.

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