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Overview with Simulise

Simulise offers an unlimited portfolio where students can and do save everything. With extensive feedback capabilities and quick insight into student competencies. See all applications!

Programmatic testing

The use of a portfolio in programmatic testing offers several advantages and fits well with the holistic approach to the assessment process.

Programmatic testing focuses on the long-term development of students. Simulise allows students to document their growth and progress over time. This helps not only in measuring learning outcomes, but also in understanding the evolution of skills and knowledge.

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Study career guidance

The use of Simulise in study career guidance (SLB) offers several advantages for both students and supervisors. Study career counseling focuses on guiding students in making informed choices regarding their studies and future careers.

Simulise allows students to look back on their study progress, achievements and personal growth. Adding reflective elements allows students to think about their strengths, areas for improvement and goals for the future.

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Competency-based education

Competency-based education (COE) focuses on developing the competencies students need in their future profession.
Rather than emphasizing only knowledge transfer, competency-based education emphasizes the development of skills, attitudes and understandings relevant to practice.

Instead of traditional exams, students can be assessed based on a portfolio in Simulise that contains their accumulated evidence of competencies. This can range from projects and assignments to reflections and evaluations.

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Coaching – Feedback

Feedback acts as a powerful tool to stimulate student learning. It provides them with information about their performance, which is essential for understanding strengths and areas that need improvement. By actively responding to this information, students are encouraged to remain continually engaged in their own learning.

This encourages growth, better self-reflection, ownership and, above all, motivation to get serious about personal learning goals.

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Feedback in Simulise

Talent Development

Every student has talents. But how do you handle, develop and capture them?

You can track the talent development of individual students with us. Through the use of and access to a digital portfolio. With Simulise’s handy arranging tool, you can set up assignments or learning outcomes for specific groups or individual students. This allows each user of the digital portfolio to follow their own learning path.

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Simulise is an online place for students where all papers, videos and other work can be saved for their lifetime. The student decides how the portfolio is used and what is stored in it.

Simulise is owned by the student and can be taken to the next school after the course. Even when a student enters the job market, Simulise remains available free of charge.

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With reflections, Simulise provides a structured way to identify strengths and weaknesses. By analyzing what went well and what can be improved, targeted work can be done to strengthen competencies and address any challenges.

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Vocational learning

Here vocationally oriented learning is central. Simulise allows students to document and present their acquired skills, knowledge and experiences in the context of their specific vocational training.

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Professional competencies

Students can use Simulise to demonstrate professional skills in a structured way. This can range from technical skills to communication and collaboration skills.

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