Collaboration with Somtoday

22-11-2023 | Hans van Vlaanderen
Samenwerking tussen Simulise en Somtoday

As of today, we can announce that we have entered into a unique partnership with Somtoday!

Somtoday is the well-known provider of the student administration and learning management system in
secondary education. Simulise has proven itself over the past 10 years as a portfolio platform with one lifetime portfolio focused on competency development.

Bert Thijs de Jong of Somtoday: ” We see an increasing demand for a portfolio for VO and wanted to provide an adequate answer to this. We looked carefully at the different providers and saw in Simulise the best provider. The growth that Simulise has experienced, both in terms of numbers of users but certainly also in the capabilities of the portfolio make us wholeheartedly choose this portfolio.
In addition, the corporate culture is also similar, with both Somtoday and Simulise putting the interests of the school first. This manifests itself in great commitment to users, listening carefully to customer needs and actually working on them.”

Hans van Vlaanderen, director of Simulise: “We didn’t hesitate for long about this partnership with Somtoday. From our inception, we have believed in the philosophy of ‘best-of-breed’ or use the best tool per application and let these tools work together. This is what we will do now. The study guides in Somtoday can be provided with assignments from Simulise so that the teacher and student always know where to find learning materials and have one entrance point. However, does use a very good portfolio platform for the development of competencies.”

In addition, when it comes to student data, Somtoday with Somtoday Connect offers a valuable integration capability that further facilitates interfacing with Simulise and is fully AVG compliant.

In short, we are happy and proud of this partnership with Somtoday and look forward to the future!