5 reasons why a portfolio boosts student self-confidence

17-11-2023 | Hans van Vlaanderen

Working with a portfolio increases students’ self-confidence. Why? You can read about that in this blog.

1. After all, a portfolio is about what a student can already do

In regular testing, the emphasis is on what a student cannot yet do. Through a mistake often literally goes a red line. In a portfolio, on the contrary, a student shows what he can do. The positive is emphasized and is the starting point for the next step. And what you give attention to grows!

2. A portfolio gives a sense of pride

With a portfolio, a student can easily show where he stands in his development. To subject teachers, to the mentor and to parents. The opportunity to present yourself to others in a personal way gives one a sense of pride.

3. Show a student’s development

By working with a portfolio, you give a student an awareness of their personal development. It’s not just about how it is now, but also about how it was and where you want to go. In short, a portfolio promotes a growth mindset . And that gives (self) confidence!

4. Teaching students to reflect with a portfolio

By using a portfolio, students learn to reflect on their work, gaining an increasing understanding of their learning. Students get to know themselves better and better and know what they are good at and less good at. This grows self-awareness and self-confidence. The portfolio can be used as a guide in a triangular discussion between mentee, parent and mentor.

5. Ownership lies with the learner

When you work with portfolios in school, you put more responsibility on the student; ownership lies with him. By doing so, you demonstrate confidence, which in turn has a positive effect on students’ self-confidence.

Of course, a portfolio cannot take over your role as a teacher, coach or supervisor. You play a vital role in building your students’ self-confidence!

Are you already using a portfolio?

Simulise provides each learner or student with a customizable portfolio and a comprehensive module to develop and demonstrate skills. The student or student owns the porfolio and can continue to use it for life.