How Rodenborch College encourages talent with Simulise

Hoe het Rodenborch College talent stimuleert met Simulise

Just under two years ago, the search for a “comprehensive program” began. A tool where teachers can share assignments and materials. A place where students can present their work in a portfolio. Where there is room for feedback, reflection and understanding of progress.

“And we preferred to have everything under one roof,” Dirk says. Of course, other providers were looked at. “But visible development, all the functionalities and ease of use were the deciding factors. Simulise came closest to our needs.”

And that everything can be done under one roof? That created enthusiasm among teachers. “Not everyone is eager for a new program. Fortunately, our teams quickly recognized the added value of Simulise,” says Dirk.


According to him, implementing something new should be manageable. “We gauge the needs of the employees. That way we can take the right, small steps to shape everything. We see it as a growth model.” With Simulise’s support, this goes smoothly. “Their experts watch teachers and schedule (online) work sessions to help.” For example, when teachers want to add new assignments and rubrics.

Mentors largely handle the implementation of Simulise “in the classroom. Dirk explains, “Career Orientation and Guidance (LOB) is really about competencies and skills. For example, students consciously work on ‘working together’ and ‘critical thinking’ is covered in the World Citizenship component. Students also give and receive feedback.”

Simulise additionally enables students to reflect on themselves. With rubrics, for example. “That really makes their development as a person fit. Students don’t make the assignments just to check them off. The curriculum really helps them grow. Understanding their development is important not only for teachers, but especially for students,” says Dirk.

In addition to LOB, the Rodenborch also works with the digital portfolio in Bilingual Education, Physical Education (LO)and the Technasium. And the possibilities at this school are endless, Dirk believes. “In visual arts, students can now really show their work in the portfolio. To their parents, but also in the future at a further education.”

Moreover, Simulise is constantly being expanded. “We work with a lot of domain projects. There students work cross-curricular, project-based and competency-based. Ideal to make their progress visible in Simulise. It is not a guideline for a parent meeting, but they can now show the portfolio. Besides the grades. There is more than just the report card.”