6 Reasons to work with a Portfolio at school

15-02-2024 | Julya van Doorn
Digitaal portfolio

1. Encourage self-reflection and self-regulation

A portfolio allows students to regularly look back on their own work and growth. Self-reflection allows them to evaluate what went well and what they still need to work on. This promotes not only the student’s self-regulation skills, but also the ability to take responsibility for their own learning.

2. Making personal development insightful

A portfolio allows the student’s personal development to be understood. The collection of various pieces of work, assignments and reflections creates a complete picture of the student’s growth and progress. This can help not only monitor individual students, but also create a personalized learning experience for each individual student.

3. Assessment on multiple competencies and skills

A portfolio allows teachers to assess students on multiple competencies. Instead of focusing solely on test results, teachers can use the portfolio to gain insight into the student’s process of competency development. This provides a more holistic approach to assessment that includes personal growth and development.


4. Engage stakeholders

A portfolio can act as a means of engaging stakeholders, such as internship supervisors, in the student’s process. Sharing regular updates with stakeholders allows them to stay closely involved in development. This not only strengthens the cooperation between school, student and the internship company, for example, but also increases transparency and understanding.

5. Preparation for further studies or job market

Working with a portfolio prepares students for their subsequent studies or the job market. Building a portfolio requires collecting and organizing evidence, writing reflections and presenting work. These are essential skills that students need to be successful in their further educational or professional careers.

6. Increase motivation and engagement

Finally, working with a portfolio can increase student motivation and engagement. By giving students responsibility for their own learning and showing them that their growth is recognized and appreciated, they become more motivated to engage in their schoolwork. This leads to a positive learning environment where learning is perceived as meaningful.


Working with a portfolio offers numerous advantages for both teachers and students. It encourages self-reflection, clarifies personal development, assesses for multiple skills, engages stakeholders, prepares for further studies or the job market, and increases motivation and engagement.