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We pull together with Somtoday

As of 2024, Simulise has started an intense collaboration with Somtoday.
Somtoday is one of the most widely used student administration systems in the Netherlands.
Somtoday is part of Topicus and belongs to the same group as Parnasys (for primary education) and Eduarte (for MBO).


Totally connected with Somtoday Connect

Simulise synchronizes students, teachers enn all classes and groups via Somtoday Connect. This privacy-friendly way of exchanging data fits with the premise of Simulise; to exchange only strictly necessary data and ownership lies with the school/student.

Also in Somtoday Study Guides

Schools working with the Study Guides can also use the assignments and materials in Simulise with our integration. These can be included in study guides as is possible with publisher methods.

Teachers can choose from our library of assignments in Somtoday and assign them to their classes or students.

Simulise opdrachten in de somtoday studiewijzer

One entrance for students

This collaboration has created a single point of entry for students for all their work and assignments.
Students are simultaneously logged into Somtoday and Simulise (Single Sign-on) and see all assignments in one overview per subject together in Somtoday.

single sing on

Want to know more about this collaboration? Get information from your Somtoday account manager or contact us!