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The Simulise portfolio for students is the platform where all papers, videos and other materials may be kept for life. The portfolio is tied to its owner and it can be taken from school to school. When the student leaves the school, the portfolio remains available.

The portfolio is secured and closed to the outside world until the owner shares it or makes parts of it public.

Social media

Social media

The student decides how the portfolio is used and what materials are stored. From the portfolio items there can be linked to assignments or goals and be presented for review and reflection.

The portfolio has options for blog categories, the student can organise pages and determine whether they are available for others. With Simulis, it is simple for teachers to see which new items have been placed in the portfolio and which items are linked to specific assignments or objectives.


Each student can invite up to four external people to have a look at the work and portfolio. Parents, mentors or friends can actively participate in the learning process by putting comments on (draft) pieces in the portfolio or by reflecting on completed pieces.

Students can also invite others to specially arranged pages. With this, they can present themselves for specific training, internship or job in the best possible way.

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