Make competences measureable.

Easily make your own rubrics all 21st Century Skills are allready there!

21st Century Skills

Developing skills takes on a more prominent role in education. Simulise supports students in developing skills and provides teachers with insights into this development.

The most known set of skills, the 21st Century Skills, are used as standard rubrics in Simulise to combine with assignments and reflection on these skills.

21st Century Skills

Own rubrics

Besides the standard supplied 21st Century Skills rubrics all schools can develop their own rubrics which can be used in Simulise. Schools determine the criteria, the levels and the quantity.

In drawing up their own rubrics partners of Simulise can provide, if desired, professional support. Rubrics can be managed centrally and are used by teachers in assignments. The completed rubrics result in an overview of the achieved and developed skill in the form of badges.



Each student works on assignments in their own portfolio. There can be cooperation with other students for example in the Social Community. With finalising an assignment Simulise provides many opportunities for reflection. Students reflect via the rubrics on their own work but can also invite others to do so. Walking trough the criteria of the assessment is the first step of the review.


Competence diagram

In Simulise, assessment and reflection are done on skills or competencies. The overall picture of the development of the student is shown in the Simulise competency diagram. This diagram is fed from all the different reviews and reflections which students have acquired in carrying out assignments and projects.

The competency diagram shows the development of the student over the years by maintaining data for the years that students develop these skills.