Everyone their own portfolio.

Personal en structured!

What is Simulise

The Simulise portfolio is an online safe for students where all papers, videos and other work can be stored for life. The portfolio is the property of the student and can be taken from school to school and then on to work. Even if the student river's the labour market the portfolio remains available.

The portfolio is secured and closed to the outside world until the student shares it.

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What does it look like?

The student decides how the portfolio is used and what is stored inside it. The portfolio items can easily be attached to tasks or goals and can be offered for review and reflection from the teacher or other students.

In the portfolio, students can also write blogs, can organise pages and determine whether they are available to others. As a teacher, you immediately see what new items have been placed in the portfolio and with which specific tasks or goals they are associated.


Who has access?

The portfolio is secured and closed to the outside world unless the student shares it or makes it public. The portfolio owner can invite up to four external people to access the portfolio. Likewise, parents, mentors or friends actively participate alongside the teacher in the learning process by posting comments on pieces of work and reflecting on the work made.

Furthermore, portfolio owners can invite all kind of others to specially arranged pages. In this way the portfolio is particularly central so the students can present themselves optimally for training, internships or jobs.

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What is this Social Stream?

The social stream shows items from the portfolios of other students. Students understand the articles and items in the portfolios of others and they can interact and motivate others. The social element therefore ensures that each user within the community contribute to the learning of others. Experiences are shared and users are invited to participate in this unique form of cooperation.

Social stream