Personal learning paths

Because everyone is good at something and want to make their own choices!

Personal learning paths

Simulise comes with a set of basic skills and rubrics that can be adjusted by the school at its discretion. Existing goals you can be set as objectives in the portfolio assignments within the current curriculum. The arranging tool makes it possible to organise tasks or goals for specific groups or individual students. Thus, each portfolio user can follow their own pathway.

Per learning path, various detailed conditions can be set which a project must meet, such as start and end dates. Simulise monitors the progress of a student.


Planning by yourself

Planning is one of the most important skills that every student will need later in life. In Simulise the student therefore decide which route to take to develop these skills. The school sets assignements for the student or develops assignments together with the student. The school may impose conditions or a learning route on the assignments to ensure that students have to make a plan. The school can also take part in this planning.


Terms and conditions

A student can choose their own learning route within the framework set by school. The school can therefore add all kinds of conditions per assignment. Conditions determine for example when tasks can be started with, what deadline is in place or what the subject of an assignment needs to be. If the assignment is to be done in a group the extent and the type of cooperation can also be specified in advance.