Make, cooperate, reflect and show.

Fully designed for future education.


The Simulise portfolio offers students a private online environment where they keep all their papers, photos and videos. The format and content is completely free to set up and they can make parts of the portfolio public. After the student has completed school, the portfolio can be separated from the school so that the students can reuse the portfolio for further education or for their career.

Portfolio feature


Simulise offers different sets of rubrics. They can be customised by the school or the school can use the standard ones from Simulise. A set of the 21st Century Skills is supplied as standard.

Rubrics can be imported by the school and features badges or levels. Rubrics can easily be linked to tasks or goals. They are linked to the items in the portfolio of the student. A total of all skills is showed in a spider diagram placed in the profile of the student.

Rubrics feature


Teachers can develop assignments themselves with an advanced arranging tool. The assignments can be tied to rubrics, such as for the 21st Century Skills. Assignments can be part of a lesson plan or learning path. Students develop skills within a competency such as the 21st Century Skills.

Teachers can keep track of the progress of skill development. Skills can be awarded and rewarded with a level and a badge.

Assignment feature

Social Community

The Social Community is a private social media platform for schools in Simulise. Each student has access to this community and can post status updates. The main input of the community comes from the individual portfolios. All articles placed in a portfolio are directly shown in the news stream of the community.

Any user within the community can contribute to the items of another student. Self-reflective learning and working in teams is fully supported. Experiences are shared and users are invited to participate in this unique form of cooperation.

Social community feature