Everyone wants to develop

17-11-2023 | Hans van Vlaanderen

Learning and developing you do throughout your life and what you build in the process is yours. Therefore, we would find it strange if you no longer have access to your portfolio when you leave school.

So with Simulise, the student or student (or employee) owns the portfolio. And when you go to further education, get an internship, start your first job, apply for a job, or become an entrepreneur, take Simulise with you.

In the meantime, keep building your portfolio. You show what you have done and what you are proud of. And because your portfolio is linked to skills rubrics from which a competency diagram emerges, you can also show what your qualities are and where your strengths lie.


This is immediately the strength of Simulise. With most degrees, you mainly show what knowledge you have. With that, the further education program or employer knows what you have been trained to do. But a degree usually says nothing about the skills you have developed. Simulise does. And that is of great importance to further education and organizations.

If there are skills or competencies you are less strong in, but which are important in the (future) work you want to do, you can show what you are doing or have done to develop those skills. So Simulise also allows you to visualize your development or growth throughout your life.


In business, there is an increasing focus on the optimal composition of teams. Especially when it comes to self-directed teams in which agile work is done, it is important that people complement each other in terms of skills and competencies. With a digital portfolio like Simulise, you can show much more of yourself than with a diploma. You can post supporting documents that show you are the entrepreneurial type a company is looking for. Or you show that you are conscientious by showing the thorough report of a study you conducted.

In short, with Simulise, you show who you are. You continue to develop throughout your life!