About Simulise

We are Simulise!

Our Mission

It is our dream to give all students an online portfolio that shows who they are and what they can do. The portfolio remains the property of the student and, long after the student has left education, it forms a beautiful record of the student's work and development to the outside world.

Skills are not only visible, they are also shown because they are linked to specific tasks.

Simulise is a versatile instrument that makes the 21st century skills very concrete. We give students and pupils an opportunity very early on to develop and flourish in their own ways.

As a student or, later, as an employee, you can show the world: This is who I am

Simulise – latin:‘simu l’ is together, ‘socia li s’ stands for social ’se‘ stands for self.

Our team

Simulise started in 2013 with two students from the Haagse Hogeschool. The management of Simulise consists of:
Alex Bouma
Alex Bouma
Co-Founder, CTO
Hans van Vlaanderen
Hans van Vlaanderen
Co-Owner, CEO