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Why did Vives chose Simulise?

After an extensive search for a digital portfolio system, the Flemish university VIVES chose Simulise. This school year the bachelor's program in pre-primary education, the bachelor's program in primary education and the Industrial Sciences program started with a pilot. ICT professor and education technologist Ann Buffel: "We were looking for a future-proof portfolio system. Simulise meets that description, and I expect more and more of our courses to use this platform. "

What were you looking for?

Ann: "Teachers were already working with a number of platforms, but we were not entirely satisfied with that. That is why last year I was given the space to look for a digital portfolio system that fits our university. We wanted a system where students themselves have the responsibility to map the learning process and competences. And that is how we arrived at Simulise. "

What makes Simulise a working system for you?

"In Simulise, students use rubrics. Based on behavioral indicators, they can see exactly where they are and what steps they still have to take to reach a certain level of competence. In a clear and immediately legible competency diagram, teachers can in turn see at a glance how a student is doing when it comes to multiple competences - that is very useful in counseling interviews. In other systems you saw a laundry list of documents that the teacher had to look at all to make an assessment of how a student is doing. What we also find a plus is that students can continue to use the portfolio after their studies. It is a handy document to show when applying to a potential employer. "

In which studies is Simulise used?

"We started two pilots in September. In the pre-primary education and pre-primary education bachelor's programs, it is used at Mens en Wereld. For this course the students build a portfolio with all kinds of documents, images and videos. When submitting their assignments, they can then select their best material from their portfolio and thus demonstrate their progress. Students submitted their first assignment before the autumn holiday. The teacher has that assessed and awarded badges based on behavioral indicators in the rubrics. Students work on two new assignments until Christmas.

The Industrial Sciences program is working on the other pilot project. In the Pro-file project, students can involve social involvement and activities in the study program. Students can earn credits with it. For example, some students are technical mentors at the Technical Academy; that is an extracurricular activity for children in primary education who like to work with technology. But also for activities such as company visits and lectures students receive credits. For this assignments are made, to which rubrics are linked. "

How do teachers at the university become acquainted with Simulise?

 "We are giving a" Taste of Technology "in December on e-portfolios in which teachers can explore Simulise. And during our education day in February we will get started with this digital portfolio system. We show you the preparations you need to make when you start working with Simulise in your study. Teachers who are considering using the platform in their training are given six months to test things and to develop rubrics and assignments. We will go from February courses that want to use Simulise for educational internships and language portfolios, among other things. I receive a lot of applications, so there is a good chance that more courses will start with Simulise next school year. "  

What is your advice to other colleges that want to introduce Simulise as a portfolio system?

"Use Simulise throughout the course, not for a single course, because then you will get the most out of it. Then you can also have cross-subject or generic skills score. "

And what do students think of this digital portfolio?

"Students are enthusiastic. The platform is very intuitive. For example, they immediately see how they can add documents. And they like it that they can view and like each other's materials. It encourages them to be more active with the subject material, because they see others taking steps forward. "Since the rubric is also visible, they see which steps they need to take to reach a certain level. Some students are therefore willing to do a little more.

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