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How do you acquire 21st Century Skills?

To be honest I find it difficult to answer it honestly. It can finally perfectly with our own product and then you risk being quickly over enthusiastic. But luckily the students Iselinge University have described the very nice on the website For your convenience I will stick to the text below:

For the students at Iselinge University shows ELO for a portfolio to be less suitable. Students are constantly looking for an environment that meets their needs and requirements. Elise Klein Baltink and Koen Kraaijvanger experimented with the new portfolio where badges are awarded.

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing you can and then not get the opportunity to show something. Especially when it comes to a portfolio that is intended to show who you are and what you can. This frustration for us, Elise Klein Baltink and Koen Kraaijvanger, the reason to join the portfolio of pilot Simulise. During assignments as Horizon Widening and Webkwestie there are already engaged in successful sites built and shaped. The old portfolio in the ELO, however, was almost impossible to build and save the color change was also to give enough shape.

There is a world of difference between the portfolio and the resulting products at Horizon Widening and Webkwestie: the portfolio does not provide a realistic picture of what a student can do in the ICT field.

Fortunately, the same frustration not only students, but teachers of Iselinge University as well. Therefore it was a digital portfolio of educational issues facing Kennisnet went to work. Eventually Simulise here as a solution. Simulise now provides a basic structure for a portfolio site. ELO did this, but unlike the ELO may also take on Simulise indeed be taken on the design. This involves using a customized version of WordPress, in which the student can make adjustments to add to the design and text. Working with WordPress Simulise environment does have some teething problems resulted: where’s the button? And what can you adjust where? Also at the ELO was the case, but the WordPress environment Simulise end that easily by the user. The interface to adjust things is in fact more clearly. From Simulise the options are limited to keep it simple and uncluttered. How you look at it at it, the student will need to learn how the program works to make his or her portfolio.

However, the portfolio of Simulise has a huge advantage over the ELO, and those are the badges. Mocking this system once called “stickers to adults, but to be honest, it does work. It is very motivating that the portfolio for each piece can be assessed in itself. The progress of the portfolio is similarly practical for the student. An added plus is that the assessment and progress in the form badges visible can be placed on the portfolio.

Unlike ELO state’s portfolio of Simulise still in its infancy, there is a lot of development to resolve problems and there is more and more knowledge about the program can be mutually shared. Where the problems remain the ELO and grade by grade slide, problems with Simulise are shrinking. It is not realistic to think that soon every student can immediately work flawlessly with Simulise, but create your own portfolio with far fewer problems than the ELO is possible with Simulise. Especially if students here from the first moment already started. honestly, it works

The minor problems and questions that will always be easily resolved on the forum of Simulise. Although this section is fairly new, and there is still little use is made of, but it has the potential to be used much. At the forum, it is possible to share everything with each other, and both teachers and students can interact. Students can discuss with the whole class situations internships, questions or assignments or the portfolio itself exchange and also involve the teacher in a discussion, when it comes to assessing for example. This happens in real life a lot: in the third year it is even required to conduct conversations in which situations are analyzed and discussed. Despite this remains the need to share experiences and ask very big. The forum provides the opportunity for this, because students when it suits them the forum can view and respond. It’s not that the forum discussions intervention superfluous in the third year, but it is complementary to them. For students in the first and second year, the forum is a good preparation for the discussions in the third year. Therefore we believe that the use of the forum will only increase.

The only little happening and will not change by itself, be it blogging or react, but there is a reason. Making use of a portfolio is required, here you will be judged on, the forum is the place where you can express questions or comments, but hears nothing at blogging. Yes, it’s fun. But nothing else, and therefore it is not used. It is not mandatory, there are no criteria attached to it, so there is no reason for students to write blogs, let alone to respond to them. The few students who do, do so because they have the self-motivation to make something beautiful, and Simulise allows them to do that. The majority of the students do something only if it has, whether credits are applicable. As long as the blogging and respond to it is voluntary, it occasionally will happen. Despite working Simulise definitely motivating because there are a few students who voluntarily work and stabbing of themselves a lot of time and effort. The portfolio that these students will bring more like who they are and what they can, because they have among others through blogs see who they are and how they experience certain situations. There is also thanks to the portfolio of Simulise now have the opportunity to link eg your hobbies to your teacher. You can show what you can do by yourself placing invented lessons and your opinions on your site. More motivation, we do not need anyway, because our frustration is solved in a nice way.

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