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Simulise moves to BINK36

“How and in what way we make an interesting yield, personalized and differentiated knowledge learning environment, in line with the 21st century?” That is the question that Niels Rose and Alex Bouma, founders of Simulise, brought together in 2012. And they started developing Simulise, the platform where students and apprentices show who they are and what they can do. Fully with the 21st Century Skills in mind.

As of April 1 we move into BINK36 in The Hague (no, it’s not a joke ;-))

Meanwhile the company started in 2012 continued to grow. The club is eager to move to BINK36. Hans van Vlaanderen (director Simulise): “BINK36 offers us a unique innovative environment where promising in the coming years we will improve our service to the wishes and needs of our customers. Growth can be achieved well in BINK36 and collaboration with other innovative companies is up for grabs. ”

Interactive game elements

“Simulise is a knowledge learning environment for educational institutions and companies. An environment where social media and other interactive features to be fully embraced. Simulise is furnished to the 21st Century Skills, qualities that one needs to thrive in the 21st century. Through the use of interactive game elements users are in conjunction with the 21st Century Skills encouraged and inspired to work and learn. The results obtained by a user in the system may be used to keep track of the per-user development and analysis. In this way, our users are supported as complete as possible to take part in the adaptive learning process. ”

Improving education

From 2012 Simulise experimented with different educational institutions. Meanwhile, the interest is bigger and bigger and the cooperation with existing customers very warm. Alex (CTO Simulise): “We listen carefully to the teachers and students using Simulise daily. Often there valuable suggestions out forward, we would like to develop. That makes using Simulise, both for students and teachers and for us, even more enjoyable. Simulise should be flexible, user-friendly and contemporary remain with the help of all users. ”

Our new address:

Room M1.07
Binckhorstlaan 36
2516BE The Hague

T: +31 (0) 85 401 35 36

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