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Experiences of the New Pabo

A digital portfolio that assists in the development of students and to the visualization of this development? A portfolio (both technical and educational) that does for students and teachers as they need? De Nieuwste Pabo (dNP) in Sittard put a digital portfolio through Simulise which ensures that students are motivated in keeping track of their portfolio.

Card, communication, feedback instrument and more
Students are free to shape the portfolio itself and to create something that suits them and where they finished their studies also have something left. Teachers can use the digital portfolio faster and better notice what is going on with the students and intervene in time if necessary. Students seeking interaction via the portfolio. They react to each other and come together with fellow students and teachers in substantive discussion. Provide feedback comes easily in the portfolio. Students receive feedback on their development steps, from fellow students and teachers. Today, part four of our series on innovation experiments in teacher training colleges in the Netherlands.


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