The portfolio that showsskills and makes them measureable.

During education and after!

Show who you are!

Students have to present themselves better than ever. After the student's formal education has finished, employers and clients expect to see insight into the skills of a person and want to know what to expect from a candidate. Educational institutions are expected to give skills a permanent place in the curriculum. This is why the online portfolio of Simulise makes those skills transparent for students and teachers -both during school time and afterwards.

your work

Students become responsible for their own development. They choose their own learning paths, making the existing curriculum more meaningful to them. The teacher guides the students to set final goals and assists in the development of skills.

Invest in your

The feeling that you hold your future into your own hands: this motivates and encourages students tremendously. A portfolio for your lifetime is extra valuable. It makes clear that it is important to invest in your development because you do have a lifetime benefit.

Cooperation and

You learn the most important lessons from other people. Online cooperation is an important aspect that provides insight into the student's learning process. The Social Stream ensures that students can track and motivate each other.

Deze scholen gebruiken Simulise al!

Why choose Simulise?

The world is changing rapidly. When students complete their education, the labour market will have developed requirements different to those that were apparent when the students started studying. To prepare students properly for this, it is essential to make their skills visible. With an online portfolio these skills are more visible to the outside world. This means that students can show their specific talents. Thus education becomes better, more transparent and future-proof.
  • Suites all educational levels
  • Lifelong portfolio: from school to labor market
  • All 21st Century Skills included
  • Rubrics easy to develop
  • Community with social media
  • Individual learning paths

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The newest learning
is done in Tilburg

De Nieuwste School in Tilburg has been around for 10 years and is a leader from the start when it comes to innovative education.

Beter cooperation
with future teachers

Upcoming teachers teach many of the children but also learn from each other. How do they do that at De Nieuwste Pabo in Sittard?

Where in de world
are the most innovations?

The trainees of the Hotel Management School Maastricht don't see each other for months. They maintain contact and write about all the innovations that they encounter in their work placements in Simulise.

Start with ICT at school
must include a portfolio!

The Comenius College in Hilversum has made a start with ICT in education. What steps they took in advance and what is the vision that underlies it?

We make Simulise for:


Simulise offers students the possibility to prepare for entering the job market with a portfolio that can be used after school.


As a pupil you design your own portfolio and filing it with your own skills and working closely with others.


Teachers have an unhindered overview of the student's development through the extensive reports that are available It is easy to differentiate assignments for students.

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The Simulise team consists of passionate entrepreneurs and several enthusiastic colleagues, some with a student-perpective and others with experience of working in education, especially when it comes to introducing ICT-related learning and educational innovation.
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